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Waxing, Massages & Spray Tans

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Massages & Facials

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We offer a selection of massages, using a bespoke sequence of movement and pressure point techniques, to suit your needs.
Manicure, pedicures, tans and lashes - Escape Spa MCR keeps you looking fresh and fabulous.
All our treatments are created with your wellness and balance in mind, using only the finest, organic ingredients.

Where to buy Misoprostol - Misoprostol generic

Luxurious Treatment Rooms at Escape Spa Manchester

Located at New Church House, 34 John Dalton Street and at INNSIDE Hotel by Melia on First Street, Escape Spa Manchester offers a range of treatments including waxing, massages and spray tans.

From before-work massages, lunch-time beauty fixes to late-evening pampering, Escape Spa Manchester will take you away from it all, without taking too long out of your busy schedule.

Escape Spa Manchester use well known and respected products such as Waxperts precision wax and Medik8 skin care; completely organic, paraben free and vegan friendly. Their Cocoa Brown organic spray tans are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Escape Spa MCR also offers couples massage, group bookings, spa days and hen parties, from various hotels located in the city centre.

Clients Testimonial

Friendly, quick and pain free 🙂

Where to buy Misoprostol - Misoprostol generic

Excellent. Took time to understand what I needed from the Sports Massage.


Feeling amazing after my massage. Thank you Lisa it hit the spot and was one of the best massages I’ve had.


Cannot recommend Lisa highly enough! She made what can sometimes be a slightly painful waxing procedure that little bit less by being so lovely and chatty and just completely putting you at ease. Will be going back again and again. Thanks Lisa! x


Amazing treatment – would highly recommend. Lisa is lovely and I felt really welcome and relaxed. The treatment felt amazing and the products used were really nice too. Will definitely be back.


Excellent treatment. Lovely salon. Lisa made the whole thing as quick and pain free as possible and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommended.


Booked massages for my partner’s birthday, was so lovely and relaxing. Was the highlight of the day. Lisa is lovely. I would definitely recommend.


Really excellent massage, I can’t recommend highly enough. Thanks very much Lisa- I’ll definitely be back!


Highly recommended! Lisa is very friendly, made me feel very welcome and comfortable during my treatment. I will definitely be back! 🙂


Really enjoyed the massage. Was a lovely experience and Lisa was very friendly and professional. Best massage yet 🙂


Lisa is a pro. Leaves you feeling massaged and relaxed. Highly recommend.


Had a great massage from Lisa.


Another wonderful treatment from Lisa. I can’t recommend this Spa highly enough. From waxing to regenerating massages and facials…simply one of the best that Manchester has to offer.


10 out of 10 as always Lisa


Contact Us

For appointments and information please get in touch using the form below. Alternatively give Lisa a ring or email

07586 478516

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